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Entry #4

CamoRalph becomes ZoomToons

2014-02-08 22:51:18 by CamoRalph

Hey all,

So, my current channel is closing down as I move all my future efforts over to ZoomToons, ( which is a collaboration between myself and my girlfriend Zoe.

Only 1 new cartoon so far (from Xmas 2013) on YouTube as well as a bunch of Let's Paint's, but we intent to release monthly cartoons as well as weekly artworks. I'll upload the xmas cartoon to NG once I get it looking right as an MP4, but if you're keen to watch it now, click the link below:

There's also a bunch of art you can check out on the ZoomToons channel, with more coming each week.

Thanks for all your support thus far and here's wishing everyone a bitchin' 2014!

Cam x


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